sábado, 18 de diciembre de 2010

Projet: Australia

1º-Write about Ayers Rock or Uluru

It's in the center of Australia, Northern Territory, 400 km south-west of Alice Springs city.
Uluru is one of the most famous natural monument of Australia. It's 348 metres tall.
A lot of tourist visit its flora and fauna.

2º-Write about these animals

Kangaroos have tall legs and feet.They can jump,they have got long tail and a small head. Kangaroos are herbivores, they eat grass and roots.

Is a semi-aquatic mammal animals
Its body is brown and its peak is of a castor.Its legs are small.

Its head is long and ears are long
Koala's have got herbivorous diet.

They have got a long neck.
They are is normally yellow and red
They are carnivores

3º-Write about the australian boomerang

This's an object.It's 50 cm long .It is curved and it can fly in circles.
They can be wood, plastic, cardboard, carbon fiber.
If you throw the boomerang ,it always comes back to you.

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