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Proyect: LONDON

-Where is London

London is in on the River Thames in the southeast of the island of Great Britain.

-Write the most importan means of transports: The Tube, the double deker buses, the black taxis, the boats etc.

-What are the beefeater and the bobbies uniforms like?


There black trausert and jaket, hat and the shirt are white


The Beefeaters uniforms wear a red and gold jacket and a black hat.

-Parks in london. What can do you do in the parks?

Hyde Park, St. James Park,Regent's Park,Kensington Gardens,Richmond, Hampstead Heath, Holland Park, Battersea Park and Bishop’s Park.You can walk, rollerblaiding, run, listen to music, eating, drinking, taking pictures...

-Write name of the most important shops and big store in london

The big store is Debenhams and the most important shops dress Circle and Book of Cook.

-What are the telefone box and the post box like

The telefone box and the post box are reds.

-Name all the airports in london

London-City and London Heathrow.

The most important means of transport for London is the red double deker buses.

-Write about the British museum and the national gallery.

National Gallery:

The National Gallery is the largest art museum in London, is in the north of Trafalgar Square. Exhibiting European painting, from the national collection of art in the United Kingdom.

in his collection there are 2.500 picture.

-British Museum

The British Museum is the bigger museum in the United Kingdom, and one of the beutiful and most famous museums in the world.It one of the most important collections in the world. His section of Egypt is the world's most important.Have got the bigger reading room.

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