domingo, 16 de enero de 2011

Project of Monsters

Description of this Vampire:

The Vampire is called Chiki. This Vampire is bad. Its skin is white. He has got two red eyes , two ears, one mouth with two big fangs, but... he hasn´t got a nose. He also has got black and white wings and a long black and white hair.
He wears a black and white dress of vampire with a red loop.
This vampire lives in a Castle of Dracula. The castle is in Puerto de la Torre, Málaga. Chiki eats bats, sleeps by day and at night eats, runs, drinks... It´s a fantastic Vampire!

Description of Frankestein:

Frankestein is a monster, bad or good. He Lives In the cemetery of Málaga This monster eats people. Its skin is green. He has got two ears, two eyes and one mouth. Its hair is black, and he has got a screw in his neck and he has got the head sewn.
He wears blue trousers, black shirt and brown shoes.

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