domingo, 18 de abril de 2010


* Project of Cordoba

Cordoba is a very big city. The Guadalquivir River goes next to it.. It's a very important river in Andalusia, and it is the longest river in this community! In Cordoba there are lost of monuments. Some are , for example, the Roman Bridge, on the River Guadalquivir and next to is the Calahorra Tower, the Synagogue, Las Flores Square, Cathedrals and the Medina Azahara ruins... It is very big and beautiful!. There is also the Mosque, near the Roman Bridge and inside the Mosque is the Patio los Naranjos and it has got different columns . It's very nice.
There is the Jedería Streetst, it has got Maimónides Statue. In Córdoba there are churches.

There are lost of restaurants, bars,shops and hotels. There are museums, as Bellas Artes, Museum of Cobre, Arte sobre piel... In Córdoba there are narrow streets and balconies andalusian balconies, with flowers. It's gastronomy is specially the Salmorejo. The winter is cold and in summer is hot. This is Córdoba !

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